Lucky? ?

I’ve gone at it physically this last week, doing what limited stuff I can do in a gym – all of it with one hand at a time, given that I have to hold onto something solid to prevent myself falling / being pulled out of the chair by whatever resistance I set on the pulley stack/ arm crank.

I’d say that the 90 minutes a day has been pretty beneficial to what’s left of a once half decent  physique – that being the effect of the ‘ muscle memory ‘ that I evidently have.

A lot of my time has been spent on legal matters of late, with my 3 concurrent items in full flow…

I have managed to actually watch the telly a bit at  night, when I’m not out ( which is as much as possible – distraction technique successful ) and I’ve also unsurprisingly found that exercise makes me sleep more soundly, taking away the need for sleeping tablets – another plus then.  I’m really barely taking any tablets at all now.

Just as ‘ things ‘ seem to have gotten better in some ways, a visit to my GP has resulted in an urgent referral for ‘ a cancerous looking ‘ skin lesion on my chest.  That’ll be all those years of kayaking etc without a top, in the sun, without any sunscreen….. ah well, it’s not like I’d listen to advice about that…. I thought about it briefly after a few hours, and am cool with all mortality stuff, having had my fair share of close shaves. For sure, my number is going to be up, whether I like it or not ( and I’m ambivalent ) one of these days soon.

Tomorrow I’m going to see a band – The Pigeon Detectives – that I saw pre injury and were brilliant live. Daft name, for sure, and I wonder if a they think much about that, having become fairly successful ? After all, it’s a brave move to change your name and risk losing your fan base ( because they had no idea you had, when they search for your gigs to go to online ).  They’re playing in Camden, where I used to work a long time ago ( in my 20’s ) and of which I have sort of fond memories.  I definitely have some extremely funny anecdotal memories of being there for 2 years, but that would be the same for all periods of my life, and still is!

This weekend I go to Birmingham, for my first ‘ duty’ as a member of the British College of Optometrists’ council.  It’s a voluntary role, and is  the introduction to a few years of having the position  – that is, if i live that long…. I’ll do what I can to contribute, obviously, and may bump into  a few people / mow them down by accident in my  Triride.

Thanks to Francesca, my brilliant carer, for her help in driving me there and back, and all the serious shit that I am totally reliant upon her for…❤


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