Lovely guy.

A man came up to me last night, whilst I was out.

I didn’t recognise him, but he evidently did me.

He said that I used to canoe on the same stretch of river that he rowed on ( note that canoeing is not the same sport as rowing – one boat goes forward, the other backward…).

He was incredibly complimentary about me. Fair play, he had had a few beers, that was apparent.

I apologised for not recognising him, but he explained that we’d never met.  He went on to say that when he realised that he’d not seen me on the water for a while, he’d asked someone if they knew where I was, and that person told him about my accident.

He said how upset he’d been to hear of my calamity, and how good it was to see me alive ( if not totally well ). He asked if it was ok if he gave me a massive hug, and I said that it was very much ok.  My friend ( Pia )  who was with me almost burst into tears at that point.

He said that he needed me to get back on the Tideway ( that’s the part of the Thames that’s tidal, and definitely isn’t the easiest stretch of water ) and that he’d do anything and everything he could to help make it happen.

We realised that we had friends in common, and he said that he’d make it happen.

We exchanged numbers, and details.

I don’t know if anything will come of this, and if it doesn’t then it doesn’t, but I thought it was worth  writing about.

He was called Matt, is straight, and single. He’d make some girl a lovely boyfriend. Any hot ladies out there that read this, please feel free to pass their details to me, and I’ll pass them on..,



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