Looking up.

So… a taste of things to come?

Last night, for the first time in 9 months, I watched a film on the telly, in the flat that I live in, actually accompanied by another human being in the same room as me, that was being friendly. …  a seminal evening.  I’d forgotten how that felt.

The actual film wasn’t the important part, it was the fact that I was in company in my home – company that talked to me, and smiled as well.

Here’s to Francesca…

Okay, so she is paid to do it, but let’s not let that fact detract from it.

1 thought on “Looking up.

  1. Simple pleasures never to be underestimated Russ. Good to hear how many things you genuinely appreciate now that I suspect you took for granted p/i (pre injury). It’s lesson for me. Thanks.

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