London travel!

I don’t get hassled by other road users very much at all. As a cyclist in London it’s a case of near constant harassment by motorists, but I seem to get an allowance for being in a wheelchair. I think it’s a fascination thing, as in wtf is that wheelchair attached to that motorbike thing? I can go at a top speed of 17-18 mph on the flat, which isn’t bad, and doesn’t mean I am holding up London traffic that often, which is good.
Occasionally however I encounter someone a bit objectionable for no obvious reason. The other day I stopped at a traffic lights, after first going past 3 stationary cars. As I passed the first one, I heard a Male voice saying ‘ get off the road ‘ My situation is that without using the Triride attachment I would be a virtual prisoner indoors, so when someone chooses to suggest for no particular reason at all that I shouldn’t use it, I find it pretty, well, offensive.
So I turned around in the road, and wheeled back to this fella in his car and said ‘ what was that you just said to me?’ He said ‘ I said you should get off the bloody road ‘

I said ‘ why? ‘

He said ‘You don’t have a number plate ‘

I said ‘ I don’t have to have one ‘

He said ‘ well do you have insurance to drive that ?’

I said ‘No I don’t. You can’t get it ‘ And then I said ‘ do you have special insurance then?’

He said ‘ for what?’

I said ‘ for being a Cunt ‘

Yes… possibly slightly over the top, but it has made me laugh ever since! It’s funny how your mouth says things without you having even thought them up first, isn’t it?!

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  1. That made me laugh out loud .. what a dick ! Good for you to exchange with him so he now knows exactly what he is .. hate that word but sometimes it is so the right word to describe someone

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