London life..

Soooo at the hospital I had about 20 X-rays, 2 ultrasounds, lots of opinions but one conclusion- that nothing had changed…

Doesnt make a lot of sense because I have a big lump where before there wasn’t one.. what do I know though, right…?!

After that I did indeed go to East London to see the Foo Fighters… with Amanda.

I’d heard from lots of people that they are amazing live, winning awards apparently ( for ‘ liveness’ ? As opposed to pretending perhaps?? )

Well i have to say that they were a bit of a disappointment tbh. I do see lots of bands, to be fair, so I deserve an opinion maybe. Dammit I paid, so I have earned one.. the Lead singer is definitely a lot up his own A hole, talks a LOT but doesn’t say ANYTHING clever or slightly amusing in any way.  He does call the audience ‘ you motherfuckers ‘ a lot, which had comedy value the first time out of the 50 times he must have said it… tho of course some would say it’s an unpleasant typa word to call so many paying people?

Anyway, I’m not so sure there has ever been a fella with really long hair and a beard that I really trust or like..

Well not since Jesus, anyway. But since he may be  fictional, I’ll say not since Grizzly Adams instead.


RD Gig Rating 4/10 then.

Taylor Swift was on at Wembley last night – the little minx !  I should have gone to see her!

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  1. I think I might have trusted a younger Doug Scott in a tight spot on a mountain. (Had to think hard though.)

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