London Bridge ( part 2 ).

So I had a very long MRI scan ( that does soft tissue/spinal cord/muscle etc very well, and then a Cat Scan after that.

There were no cats anywhere to be found in my body, but apparently it’s also very good for looking at bones.

I saw my consultant – very ‘old school’ typa guy, quite formal/ def not one to cast doubt or comment on any previous medic’s failure to pick up a longstanding massive inflammation in my spine / calls me by my surname only/ well dressed / reading glasses on top of head/ keen not to say anything at all that may later prove to be in any way inaccurate – so deliberately vague ( ish ) about everything – after that, and I asked him a lot of questions. I did actually apologise for the amount of them, but did say that as it’s all private medicine ( on insurance – obviously – or else I wouldn’t be here ) then I could feel free to ask him as many questions as I wanted to, which ( almost ) got a smile.

Anyway, he explained that in all likelihood I had an infection in 2 vertebrae, that had been there for at least a few months ( I asked him could it have been since September and he did the ‘ vague ‘ thing )
and that my inflammatory blood count was 101 ( rather than less than 1 ).
I would need EITHER/OR/BOTH 3 months of antibiotics / an operation to remove some of my infected and rotten spine with a replacement non metal ‘ cage’ put in whilst the bone re-grew to replace the stuff cut out.
I could do no spine aggravating exercise for months, and no straightening op would be considered until all infection was gone ( as metal screws and rods would all attract bacteria that would bugger me up for far longer and be far harder to get rid of )
He didn’t use the word ‘ bugger’ , that was mine.

I get sedated tomorrow, and a needle stuck into my spine ( look out you could paralyse a patient doing that – but I think I’m ok ) to withdraw some gunk from the area.
That’ll be analysed and he’ll let me know on Friday what he thinks.

Now you know all I do ( all 12 of you )

Thanks for reading.

I was thinking earlier .. when I was here 3 years ago and people were desperately hoping that I wasn’t actually paralysed, there wasn’t room in the waiting area for any more people … now that I am definitely paralysed I just got the one visitor.

Cheers , Toby.
Thanks for the chat, and the company, and the Maltesers ( I’m sure you ate most of them ? )

24 thoughts on “London Bridge ( part 2 ).

    1. I was remarkably unlucky to have this happen to me..
      I don’t like it and it’s not getting any better.. but I hope that, if anything, it makes those who read it feel grateful for their own good health ( where applicable )


  1. I read and keep up but don’t respond since I don’t feel I have the right words…I’m not even sure what I wish someone would say to me if I were in your situation. Inadequacy 🙂

  2. Considering how many courses of antibiotics you’ve had since September, that’s one superbug bacteria. But have your “gunk” siphoned off is riveting. Good luck tomorrow, fingers crossed that it will hold a solution to your spasms.
    Lots of love.

  3. Russ, that’s more progress in a couple of days than months or even years with your previous physicians. I hope your insurance will enable you to continue this level of care, as you clearly need it. We are all thinking of you and praying this next pause will be a success. Sometimes we have to slow down to speed up, I hope this setback will accelerate your recovery to the point you can finally get a good night’s sleep. Still in awe of your bravery, love A

  4. And I’m one of your 12 too! Though I’m sure it’s more than that…are you in hospital for a few days or do you leave after the siphoning off stuff?

    btw the helicopter survival training was the worst thing I’ve ever done. Completely terrifying and damned hard work. Obviously I passed else I wouldn’t be typing this, but it seemed an awful lot to go through for the sake of one visit to an offshore oil rig. Never again!!

    Mary xxx

  5. How can I not be gripped by mention of having your spine gunk siphoned off? It’s like something form Patricia Cornwell!

  6. Hey Russ Lloyd & I thinking of you from afar. I continue to read your blog checking every day if you’ve done a post. We may not see you regularly but you are in our thoughts.

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