Life continues to be full of the unexpected.

Linda and I have decided to part Company, for reasons best not detailed here.

I’m now weighing up my options as to what happens to me next, in terms of where I can live and with who to help me. I feel a big change is inevitable, driven by financial reasons mainly. The cost of care is very high, and I’m not left with a lot after I’ve paid for that, so living where I WANT to live is probably unrealistic, as I need room for myself, my Carer, possibly occasional visits from my children eventually, and for all the bloody equipment that enables me to have a life still worth living.

Stressful times indeed.

3 thoughts on “Life continues to be full of the unexpected.

  1. Oh God Russell – I’m shocked and disappointed about Linda….if anything can be undone I’d undo it. She is a gem. But hey, I’ve no idea of the inner workings of your relationship with her. Sad times. Very sad times indeed

  2. I have no doubt you will be fine in the end, but maybe it is indeed time for a rethink. There are quite a few drawbacks to living where you are (getting in and out of your flat, for example, with all those doors), so hopefully you can find somewhere that is actually designed for wheelchair users, or at least adaptable to let you be properly independent.

    You have so many friends and supporters – as well as readers of this blog – that I have no doubt you will be kept on top of all the latest real estate developments in West London.

    And from experience I can say that caring for you is very full-on. Maybe you need two people who each work part of the week? xxx

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