The blood test showed that I have a big style internal inflammation somewhere – more than likely an infection ( or other ) in my spine.

If I weren’t totally without sensation I’d be in excruciating pain all the time – the surgeon said – so there’s a good reason for the spasms! Obviously a ‘ normal ‘ person would be feeling pretty unwell too, and I am I imagine, but I don’t really know it…..

So it’s back to London Bridge hospital ( deja vue – back to August 2013 ) for an urgent admission and biopsy and all sorts of MRI typa stuff.
Then an operation, in all likelihood.

Ah, the joys.

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  1. Do the medics think that this infection might be the cause of the spasms that are making your life so horrible? If so, what’s the chance that the op and antibiotics will finally give you respite?
    Fingers crossed for a win, Dawks.

    1. Yes, he does think that.
      I’m in agony without knowing it.

      This really ought have been picked up before now ..

      1. Goodness yes, it really should have been picked up! Your spasms have been plaguing you for such a long time and they’ve been a significant factor in your depression. I’m astonished that nobody has figured this out – between your specialists here and in Kentucky, you would think someone would have thought to check for infection as a cause of the spasms. Unless, of course, you’re one of those one-in-a-million rare cases.
        But good that it’s being acted on now. Positivity.

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