Last night.

It’s too bloody cold to go by road so it’s wheelchair Spazwagon time of the year for me. Wendy isn’t the greatest fan of driving in London but you can’t blame her for that. 

Anyway, you gotta do what you gotta do to get to places without freezing your tits off, so it was car to Kentish Town to see the brilliant Razorlight in a small venue. Those fellas have had so many hits and they played all of them last night. I don’t think Johnny Borrell ( lead singer )  is gay, but I’d say lots of the crowd were, so lots of camp dancing in evidence – amusing as it was to see. 

Great night in North London and The Forum staff are always so helpful. They do always recognise me, and that helps a fair bit I think in venues. 

9/10 for the band and 10/10 for the venue staff. 

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