Last night.

Last night I was collected and taken out to dinner by the lovely Marta and John ( or the lovely John and Marta  – just to make it fair ). It was 8pm when we left Stoke Mandeville – about the time that these days I’m  ready to just lie down. 

We had a really great time ( or I did, anyway! ). 
The point is, that without people ‘pushing’ me, I can’t really do it by myself, and IF pushed/encouraged then I not only succeed but have a proper ‘life’ too. 
Once ‘seated’ we’re all the same, right? It’s ok that my seats got wheels , I can still have the same conversations and the fun I used to have? 
That’s how it seems anyway. 
So thanks so much both, for proving there is life after 9pm whilst here in hospital. 
Saw Mary yesterday too, who is always bloody good value, with her varied and smart conversation. 
Even now there’s rarely a dull moment in my life. 
Thanks to you lovely people out there. 

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