Last night.

Was taken out (by two lads that work for me, Scott and Nev, and my an ex student of mine called Irinder) last night. 

We had a drink and a single course at a cool pub The Woolpack. Actually, we had desserts as well ( very nice ones ). 
I’ve known Nev for 25 years, I worked with him in Woking, long before he came to work for me. 
Anyway, he reminded me that about 16 years ago he told me that his toddler son had been refused a place at his nearest school, I think on the grounds that they’d not lived in the area for very long. 
I recall that it didn’t seem fair to me, and despite not knowing Nev very well, and certainly having never met his son ( to this day ) I offered to write to the school for him ( or at least write a letter that he could copy ). 
I suppose I rated my literary powers of persuasion..
So, I did write one, Nev’s partner copied it in her own handwriting, it led to a meeting at the school, and Nev junior got a place. Not only that, but his little sister did too a couple of years later. 
Why am I writing this? Well, because hearing last night how well his son has done since, and being credited in part for that, made me feel happy. That letter probably took me a few minutes, yet helped Nev and his partner for many years ( by simplifying the ‘school run’ ) and changed the course of 2 kids’ lives for ever. 
Worth the effort it took me, I’d say. 
Little, but thoughtful,  acts can lead to majorly beneficial  effects, providing we take the time out of our selfish (?) lives to do them. 
I’m not giving anyone a lecture here, I’m just reminding MYSELF of that. 

2 thoughts on “Last night.

  1. Think you might be exaggerating a little there, Maria..!
    You’re right though, 25 years, no way it seems that long.
    I enjoyed those years there, and learnt a lot from the team around me.
    Very fond memories. Give my love to all of those you’re still in touch with, ok xx

  2. Hey russ….has it really been 25 yrs since we worked together at Woking????? Doesnt seem possible!!!! Been following your blog since the day that Nev told me . about your accident….carry on…you’re a true inspiration to us all for sharing your feelings and fears with such openness and honesty. Your daughters look beautiful. ..obviously taken after their dads good looks!!! Remember when the whole of the Woking female population wanted an eye test…just cos you were sooo hot!!!! Take care and keep the blog going.

    Maria. Xx

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