Keeping on.

Having had 24 hours of ‘ mental turmoil ‘, distraction yet again proved to be the best strategy, so I got myself to Shepherds Bush to see a band called Superorganism that I discovered 6 months ago and booked tickets for.

What a laugh they are! Really funny on stage and very random – and I definitely love random.

I also had my eyes tested yesterday. As an expert on that procedure, it’s of course a little odd having someone else do it to me. I’m understandably ‘ critical ‘ of how it’s being performed on me, and it’s made worse because the person testing me knows I’m ‘ watching them ‘.  What was it like ? Well… if it had been my student / staff member/employee I’d had had a few things to point out that weren’t to ‘ my standards ‘ but hey, we did get to the correct glasses prescription, and that was the main objective, as my vision has altered a little since I had to stop working.

I’m curious to see what online glasses suppliers are like, so I’m going to try one and see for myself. I wonder..

As I’ve been a bit incarcerated for a bit I’ve missed a few gigs that I’d booked ages ago – like Kylie (!) but by and large I go to most. In the last few weeks even ive seen The Coral ( 8/10 ) , Tom Walker (7/10 ) ( supported by the brilliant SODY  9/10 ) , Fickle Friends (4/10 ), Suede, and Superorganism (8/10). They’re all fairly local to the hospital so for the sake of my wellbeing I’ve gone ( and yes, the hospital knows – tho perhaps has been surprised – I don’t think it’s exactly normal for the patient to do anything other than watch the telly, not be busier than the staff, who dont seem to have anything going on in their lives other than the work they do, after which they’re ‘ exhausted ‘ invariably… tho I can’t see why.

Currently on the telly ( breakfast TV ) is Richard Ashcroft ( one time The Verve frontman ) He was a Dad at my kids’ school – a midget with omnipresent sunglasses that evidently thought VERY highly of himself. I’m not surprised to hear that on TV whilst being interviewed ( yes, wearing dark sunglasses ) he’s actually beyond UpHisOwnArse… and seems to think he’s a major force in both music and the World in general. I’d venture that might possibly  be his ‘ chemical past/ present even ‘… or of course he may just be a completely natural Tosser. I did go and see him once pre injury and he was terrible, as in the audience were chatting whilst he ‘sang ‘ – always a VERY BAD sign, that one. RA was oblivious to that of course, having total faith in his own Megastar status.

Anyway, have a look at this video ( if i can get it to load )  I took last night of Superorganism – the tiny female lead singer surfed the crowd on an inflatable pizza slice – that’s a new one on me…. for sure.

2 thoughts on “Keeping on.

  1. Hey Russ. Hope you are feeling the benefits of your latest op.
    I saw the interview with Richard Aschroft. What a pretentious t####r!!! I felt so sorry for the two presenters. He is such a git.

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