Just my own view, perhaps : Russ Dawkins’ minority report.

I’ve turned on the telly, to have to look at that woman, Nigella Lawson, smiling and looking and talking into the camera, non stop whilst putting various things into a frying pan.

As I’m not into anything culinary, in even the smallest way, I absolutely cannot see why she and all the other cooks are currently so in vogue.
Cookery programmes were popular when I was a small child, I think, and then they began to make proper programmes and the cookery stuff stopped.
Now the cookery stuff is the highbrow, clever stuff, compared to all the other crap that’s on… is that a fair assessment?

I just can’t watch anymore of her grinning into the camera, so have turned her off.

Also she walked past me once, ages ago, in a restaurant ( where I didn’t want to be ) and blimey, she did have a fat a***.

Of course that’s now in vogue too, as personified by that other non talented in every way person, Kim Kardashian – correct spelling?

I do know that the Kardashians were the baddies in one of the Star Trek episodes.

Now that was PROPER telly…

Aside from that, thanks to Emma, Cherie and Rick for visiting.
Rick, the nurses thought you looked like a TV star.
I suggested Les Dawson? But they said not him, so I gave up…

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  1. I know there are all the Star Trek films going on now, but I reckon we’re overdue another series of Star Trek on the telly.

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