So my live in carer hadn’t really appreciated what ┬áthe role entailed ( the clue is in the title, to be fair ).

Things came to a pretty abrupt end when I requested that she didn’t go out to a party at 7pm, with an unspecified ( 4-5am ? ) finish, meaning that in an emergency I’d be alone and helpless. I mean, for sure everyone likes a party, but most people appreciate that going to one whilst you’re supposed to be at work isn’t going to be altogether popular with your employer.

I certainly haven’t had to watch Jeremy Kyle these past 10 days, as I’ve been in my own episode, or felt like I have been…..

Another little chapter of my existence therefore over, I now have temporary help from another lady who will be here for a few days. As I write, I can hear her using her initiative and cleaning the flat – thats a sound I’ve not heard a lot for a week or so. The washing machine is also on.

Goodness me, I didn’t even have to ask.

This may actually work out?

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  1. Couldn’t you have gone with her. As my Mum would have said “If you can’t beat me join em” or something like that….. Margaret x

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