I’m not allowed to eat anything today, pre surgery.

Theyve also told be to take various strong laxatives which would give me diarrhoea, and warned me to stay close to a toilet. It’s quite extraordinary to me that the hospital nurse that I had the consultation with didn’t talk about this stuff ( she just said to take the laxatives ).

How on earth am I supposed to rush to the loo when I feel the need?

For a start, I don’t ‘ feel the need’ , I feel nothing at all. What she is effectively ‘ condemning me to ‘ is 24 hours of soiling myself in my wheelchair…  that’s NOT going to happen, I can assure you.

I’m already doubting the expertise of the hospital staff.

1 thought on “Jeez

  1. I have visions of hosepipes in your near future, Russ. 😉 Oh what joy when you have a new orifice!
    May the Fourth be with poo!

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