I’m fairly sure this could only happen to me. ..

I do pull ups quite often. I obviously have to do them from my wheelchair, and have to secure my feet so that when I pull up and my legs spasm and want to straighten , my feet don’t shoot off the footrest and I end up on the floor as soon as I release my hold on the bar.

But it’s not just my feet and legs that are the trouble. When I pull up and I lift off the seat, my, er, nuts etc drop down between my legs so that when I sit down again they are clamped between my legs. It’s not like I can feel anything but any guy will tell you that if I did have sensation it would hurt.

So… what I have to do to stop it happening all the time is ‘hook’ the front top edge of my underpants underneath my nuts and that keeps them ‘up’ rather than drop into the SquashZone.

Anyway, all well and good. Except…

Today after my pull ups I headed out.. and as I can’t feel anything, I forgot that, well, I hadn’t rearranged myself.

I was at Kew bridge, only a good mile and a half away, before I looked down to see the first turkey of Christmas still free range in my lap.

I should have just remembered obviously (!) but all ideas to stop a repeat are welcome, before I get arrested.

4 thoughts on “Jeez.

  1. Dear Mr Dawkins,
    Once again you have caused me to spit tea over my laptop from laughing at your antics.
    Please can you issue a warning at the top of your posts in future?
    Many thanks,
    Mopping Frantically in South Wales

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