Jan 3rd 2017 – or is it 2018 ?

Realising my propensity for accidents is set in stone, I have invested in, and fitted a rear view mirror to my right hand Triride grip, and bought and fitted extra lights to go along with the ones I already had.

My helmet is Gay Pink and very visible, and has reflective strips on it, as well as flashing lights.

Along with my new tattoos, I wouldn’t be out of place in Madame Jo-Jo’s, after closing time.

In some of the ‘ more extreme ‘ fetish clubs in the big cities, it’s actually quite acceptable to turn up in nothing but a wheelchair, with catheter and Pee bag fitted  ( properly ) – when there’s actually no medical reason for either.

If my optical career closes, then who knows how laterally I might have to think to earn a few quid?

I may be advertising for a ( pretend ) nurse to push me around those venues – preferably a female obviously – all ‘ uniform ‘ to be provided .

Please apply, with attached photo ( must have been taken within the last 20 years ).




2 thoughts on “Jan 3rd 2017 – or is it 2018 ?

  1. Have you managed to identify which drugs are driving these thoughts? Think I need some… pls post photo of pimped tririder… I’ve found handle bars too short even for a phone holder (so I can use maps in London!)

    PS if you didn’t pick yours up from Epc I imagine you didn’t get the legal speech or sign the papers… ??

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