Jan 31st

New for today?

The realisation that my fortitude can actually be shaken and broken quite easily, when tested in certain situations that I don’t expect.

That makes me feel very uncertain about my future.

6 thoughts on “Jan 31st

  1. When my Husband was really ill I used to read your posts every day and You inspired me to keep going. As I have already said when you were at Staines I didn’t really like you. Don’t ask me why. How wrong I was. I am really fond of you now. Love Margaret x x

    1. Ahh Margaret,

      You say the sweetest things. I’m definitely going to come and meet up with you, if you’d do me the honour. Pia wants to meet you very much too. X

  2. Hold on to your normal positivity Russ . Easy for me to say .. don’t know what will have hit you hard .. just let it roll off .. your posts shine through …always with all the unusual wonderful things you do and see with some superb friends you have .. sending you a big Irish hug 🤗

  3. I think we can all feel like that at times. Since my Husband died I feel quite vulnerable. The simplest things like opening a bleach bottle (with a child proof top) can lead me to feel very upset. I always used to ask him to do this for me. Lots of love to you Margaret x x x

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