Its NYE! Almost missed this one altogether, didn’t i?

Made it home from the US of A. 

Been in the kitchen bed for about 16 hours now. Well ok, just got up  
Just watched ‘Home Alone’ with Amber – a true classic movie. 
Uneventful and fun flight back, thank God. 
And spending NYE with Andrew and Lisa tonight. Should be chilled and cosy. 
Always had a crazy NYE every year before this one, all except one. 
We stayed in once, and watched Jools Holland. 
I said to Dani ‘isn’t it amazing all those celebs give up their NYE to be on this show?’
She said ‘don’t be stupid, it’s pre recorded!’
I said ‘what, and they’re all ACTING!?  I don’t believe that!’
We argued for about an hour, then went to bed at 12.01. 
The next day at a party, the FIRST person we talked to was ‘in TV ‘ and guess what… Worked every year on the December 7th pre-recording production of the bloody Jules Holland NYE Show…. cue satisfied, smug, all day wife smile….
Moral. : don’t argue about something you know absolutely nothing about, and ruin your night, unless you’re happy to feel like a nob when proved wrong shortly after. 
Hope you all have a top one, with the ones you love/ have most fun with. 

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