It’s ARE…

It’s only since I’ve been online dating ( a bit ) that I’ve come across the question/ expression ‘ how’s you ?’

Forgive me for being grammatically particular, but ‘ how’s you?’ doesn’t exist in the English language, or at least not that I appreciated. It’s presumably short for ‘ how is you?’ so therefore not right….

So how come I’ve been asked it about 20 times online? Obviously I can’t help myself ( Tourette’s, don’t forget ) other than to say something  ‘questioning ‘ about this  phrase.

How can I have got to the age I am without ever having been asked ‘ how’s you?’ and then I get asked it all the time online?  Maybe I’m speaking to the same person,  who has 20 online personas?  That must be it – I’ve worked it out.

How am I, though?  I’m ok. I saw my daughters today,  which was a very good thing for me.

3 thoughts on “It’s ARE…

  1. “Come with” as a verb grinds my gears, personally. I keep wanting to say “come with WHAT? Parsley sauce?” that missing me/us/etc. drives me nuts. 🙂 Good to know I’m not the only person who struggles with modern argot.

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