It’s all rehab..

Since I can’t dance on Saturday and I don’t want to be the only one making a fool of myself this week, I’m going skiing today, to Hemel Hempstead indoor snow centre.

My old buddy, Kevin Young, is coming with me, plus my new buddy, Vaughan, to film a bit of the action.

I think I remember how I did it, back in March, but we’ll see.
Obviously I have an instructor at hand, too, to drag me upright after I’ve toppled sideways.

I intend to give it my best shot, as always.

Life in my new home is better than my new life in my old home – though NOT as good as my old life in my old home…

I went out with, Rick, Q, James, Bret and Cliff on Monday.
I can honestly say that I had a really good laugh – as in genuine/ proper/ not put on/ not pretending to have fun.

I’m slowly getting the fact that I do have to stop thinking about what it was like before, and just appreciate what I still have now.

2 thoughts on “It’s all rehab..

  1. Hooray! You went! You should have told me and I’d have come up to see you!
    Might even have brought my boots.
    Let me know next time, mate. 🙂

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