It’s all going on.

I went to see a play a few nights ago with Lily. It was The Windsors – the final cut.
It stars Harry Enfield, who plays Prince Charles, and because the Queen has abdicated, he’s now King Charles.
Let’s face it, there’s plenty of material to take the piss out of in the Royal Family, and gone are the days of revering them ( other than the Queen, who hasn’t put a foot wrong really )
The rest have become fair game, over the years, but the script isn’t exactly ‘ unkind ‘. Prince Andrew gets a lot of stick for being fond of ‘ young girls’ -( completely fair ), and Harry and Meghan are depicted just as they deserve to be ( and it’s non stop for 2 hours – they spend a lot of time sitting cross legged, wearing kaftans and saying ‘ namas de ‘ )
Harry gets found out for having sex with Kate, and it all gets hilariously messy.
If I haven’t given too much away then think about going to watch it… unless you are overbearingly a Royalist, in which case don’t.
Also the Prince of Wales theatre is REALLY wheelchair accessible, and I’ve not said that about anything else in the West End.

Last week I went with Lizzy to see Leopoldstat – that’s not exactly slapstick – it’s about the ‘ fall ‘ of the Jews in Vienna ( in Austria ). The featured family go from being wealthy and healthy, to all being dead ( mostly via the concentration camps). It’s sobering and very sad, and it’s right that we are reminded of what happens when sections of society are persecuted.
The Wyndham theatre ( despite the best efforts of the staff, and with a clever little from the pavement lift ) ISN’T a great wheelchair theatre experience, though far better than The Vaudeville where we saw Constellations. The staff there were great ( and to be clear they are everywhere really ) but getting in and out of an old building which has a lot of steps and slopes, but doesn’t have a lift … is pretty rubbish. If it wasn’t for Health and Safety 🤦‍♂️ four moderately strong people could hoik me up and down the short stairs with minimal fuss and palava… but of course that’s no longer allowed, so I have to be humiliatingly strapped into this stair climbing device instead, which takes forever, and then feel like I’d rather not have gone at all. I promise you that you’d feel the same ( in my situation ).
I also went to see Brentford lose to Brighton. … and I think losing might happen quite a lot this year… but let’s see. The Big Boy teams are probably going to be far too star studded, and good, for the Brentford Bees. …

Tonight it’s an Unfortunates night, hosted by Chris. We got renamed The Misfits, which is pretty much the same really ( meaning- wise ) and tomorrow I go to a gig with Sarah the music teacher, and she’s always good value ( and she critiques the musical skills of the band members – which I can’t because I have no musical talent at all ). Sarah used to front a band, so she kinda knows lots about it. …

I’m busy then!

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