It’s all fun fun fun.

I’ve moved rooms!

Not much notice period, but I’ve gone down the corridor by 6 rooms. Better view – as in SKY ( grey ) and some rooftops. Still, glad I can see at all after the battering I took. 
After seeing my skeleton , I wonder whether I actually fell from a plane rather than a road bike. 
Had a quiet day, but actually used it wisely, shock horror. 
We optometrists need to do a certain amount of continuing education every year in order to keep abreast of new findings etc. and this is done now via Internet tracking. We need to attend workshops, do on line tests, and peer discussions too. So…. Today and last night I managed to pass tests giving me 5 of the required 12 for 2013. I had 4 before so I’m up to 9 now, almost there.
 Sorry, a bit dull I know, but an insight into the crazy optometry world.. 😉
Also it proves to me that mentally I’m still fairly agile and able to concentrate for a few hours, a feature that the crash COULD have impacted on pretty drastically!
So that’s good!

3 thoughts on “It’s all fun fun fun.

  1. Hey Russy Wussey, just got back home from seeing Roger Walters at wembley. (Yet another night that ive veaten you in the ‘who can get home latest stakes’!…. youve lots of catching up to do!) We truly ‘wished you were there’ too. Maybe next year?
    Now your pulse; when I was in Toulon you were tachycardic and for about 24 hours your bpm was a horrid 150. It was dreadful as you could see your poor heart pounding away like there was no tomorrow…. Maybe it thought that?
    Your skeleton – bloody hell, incredible!
    I hear your off somewhere pretty special for lunch tomorrow. Have an amazing day, I will be thinking of you all. Loads of love xxxxx

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