It only took a week and 500 phone calls.

At last- after an exhaustive process, it’s all come good.

Teddington hospital will provide a District Nurse from Monday – my arse will be used as a training anus ( trainus? ) for a group of trainee Evac nurses.

Ticketmaster will be advertising ticket prices, face masks, and safety eyewear.


HUGE thanks to Caelan, Anne Marie, Jenny and Toby Strauss for their persistence, which paid off in the end.

6 thoughts on “It only took a week and 500 phone calls.

  1. Are you doing special rates for Pensioners? We could organise a coach from the local Day Centre. Refreshments would be nice as well if you could organise this (free of course), and biscuits Front row seats would be needed as most of them can’t see very well these days. ……

  2. “Trainus” – possibly the funniest word I have heard this year. Crying laughing, and keep starting laughing again whenever I say it.

    I think you need to make badges.

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