It never rains…

Having made headway with the UTI and the drugs, the next minor disaster is that my essential Triride attachment is breaking. The vital joint under the most pressure is shearing apart.

Ive used my last 2 industrial grade zip ties to secure it, but I daren’t try to take it off, as I’m sure it won’t go back on again.

That means that getting into and out of bed will have to be done without taking the front off, which may prove impossible for Stella.

If it all breaks, then the option is for Stella to push me around Paris. The hotel is up a hill, so will prove a massive challenge. Coming back to England may be the only option.

2 thoughts on “It never rains…

  1. Jaysus Russ ….. Fingers crossed…. stella sounds like a great person …. Lets hooe you can enjoy the rest of your trip…south africa the same with drugs. As france !! Seems so stupid not to administer the longer dose option to ensure the UTI is cleared……

    Ps so so happy you recent event turned out the right way …so you can finish your book…..!!!

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