IT issues.

This site has been down for a bit, so no blogging for me for a while, sorry.

Tomorrow I depart for a 2 day work residential course.. Normally that would have signalled the promise of work with a fairly big night out incorporated. This time – the fear of the very real prospect of my ever present bladder issues leading to my embarrassment.
Not that anyone would make me a big deal of it, but how would you feel if it were you?

I do suffer from the preoccupation of have I/ will, I wet myself, which stops me from fully concentrating on what I’m supposed to be doing – whether that’s working, reading or even following the plot of something on the telly ( the last one to the ongoing annoyance of my wife – poor girl ). Thankfully the telly has a ‘pause’ button.

Hopefully the ‘accessible’ room in the hotel will more than just have wide doors – I need flip down arms to get on the loo, and room to turn the chair around in the bathroom.
If the room isn’t ‘adapted’ then I’ll have to come home for the night instead, which thankfully is possible.

So far adapted rooms in hotels have been interesting. A shower seat on one side of the bathroom and the shower controls on the other side is a common one. Or the controls behind me, impossible to reach.
Thus far I’ve had someone to give me a hand if necessary – tomorrow officially no, unless I ask a colleague. Ok, so that’ll test the working relationship.

And an early night will be by far the safest option.
So that’s reading the course notes or watching ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here’.
Tough choice!

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