It doesn’t feel right.

So I’m awake at 4.30 and I’m thinking about a party that we’re invited to in a few days.

This is what it’s like at a party in a wheelchair –

You can’t ‘ circulate’ – any movement, in any direction risks you bumping into somebody’s ankles, or somebody stepping back, not knowing you’re suddenly behind them, and tripping over you.
So you can’t move.

Most houses seem to have a step, or steps between rooms, so you stay in the room that you’re put in when you get there.

If you do move then you have to try to politely interrupt people’s conversations to get past, at which point everyone is saying sorry to you.

You don’t really know where to look, as if you do catch someone’s eye, it sort of obliges them to talk to you, when perhaps they’d rather not.

If you don’t know someone, it’s very unlikely that you’ll strike up a conversation with them, due to the drastic height difference.

If they do come and talk to you, then you hope that they’ll sit down so that they can hear you, and the relationship is more equal.

If they do sit down, then you’re thinking ‘ are they now trapped here, feeling unable to escape?’

Going to the toilet is always awkward, as no one has a loo on the ground floor that’s big enough to get into, and then close the door, and definitely not big enough to spin around, reopen the door and come out again.

Basically, you feel like you just don’t fit, so best avoided.

4 thoughts on “It doesn’t feel right.

  1. I can’t imagine it’s much fun being at crotch height the whole time, either.
    Though I suppose it’s very revealing about who’s really attracted to whom.

  2. Hi Russ I am hoping to be in London for a few days in September if all goes according to plan. It would be great to get a beer with you. Not got any concrete plans but will hopefully be there for a meeting and the weekend.

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