Is there a G in wheelchair ?

Gym, lunch, circuits, education, then sex counselling. 

Yes, that’s right, you read it right. 
I was expecting videos of graphic wheelchair gymnastic sex, Cirque du Soleil style, maybe with a few dwarves thrown in. 
Instead I saw lots of diagrams and had a chat with a very nice lady in a wheelchair who told me how amazing HER sex life is now. 
She also claimed that any female that has tried it with a paraplegic would never go back to a regular guy……
Ok girls, who’s first? Book early to avoid disappointment. 
She showed me diagrams of the location of the female G spot. 
I explained to her that this mythical area was made up by lesbians and feminists to make husbands look bad. 
She ignored me. 
My mind began to wander, brought sharply back to focus by a picture of a girl wearing bondage gear, in a wheelchair, on her laptop, that flashed by, ‘flash frame style’ for a millisecond. 
As she declined flicking back to it, I can only assume that I was considered too mainstream to be allowed into that cheeky world just yet. 
Roll on lecture no. 2….

2 thoughts on “Is there a G in wheelchair ?

  1. Hi Russell , or Russ as everybody seems to call you now. Just recently heard about your accident. You were always top dog at school! Did you ever know how much i fancied you, when i delivered the Sunday Times to your house when we were 16? lots of love to you and your family. Sian Lewis x (now sian neil-obray)

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