Inherited trait.

My little angel did need glasses. 

She’s a little short sighted, for which she can blame her parents genes PLUS her obsession with her ipad mini. 
Yep, holding ‘devices’ too close for long periods every day is very likely linked to childhood myopia ( short sightedness ). 
Any of you readers who have any vision/ eye/ glasses related questions are very welcome to ask me stuff by the way. It’d be quite good for me really, as an intro to going back to work before too long…., 

5 thoughts on “Inherited trait.

  1. Q1. No u won’t, but they’re a little strong for the PC.
    Consider occupational varifocals.

    Q2 get your optician to fit one eye with a contact lens for near vision for shopping , menus etc

  2. Hey Russ
    I have a sensible question for once. (Amazing, I know.)
    I wear specs for reading and I have half strength ones to use the computer (because I like to have my laptop screen at arm’s length).
    If I use my regular (+1.75) reading glasses to use the computer, will I make my eyes weaker?
    Is there anything I can do (apart from become younger!) to make my ‘oh hell I’m getting old and now I can’t read the instructions on things’ eyesight improve? It would make life a damn sight easier in the supermarket.

  3. Haha!
    That’s a situation I’ve encountered a few times in the past!
    What the public don’t know is that optometrists have, by law, to examine both eyes, regardless of level of sight.
    In fact, typically I’d spend twice as long investigating the ‘blind’ eye , as I would the ‘normal’ one.
    And people would often be surprised at how much vision could be improved in their ‘poor’ eye.
    So there you go!

    Do I know you? Are you one of my regular patients?


  4. I worked with a disabled person (by birth) a few years back in Ashford and she only had one eye. She went for an eye test (it could have been at Specsavers in Staines) and she was moaning the whole day because they charged her the full price for an eye test for two eyes. This still makes me laugh. From one of your customers. I’ll be first one on your list when you return to Staines.

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