So amongst other things, I went with Claire to the Tate Modern ( full of its latest selection of bonkers, non artistic crap ) and then to the Old Vic theatre. I’d booked tickets to see The Lorax, a Dr Seuss tale of man’s greed and exploitation of nature in the pursuit of profit.

As it was an evening show ( finishing at about 10.15 ) and it was advertised as a production that didn’t exactly stick to the original script, I didn’t count on there being hundreds of small children there.

For a laugh, I’d bought Claire a T shirt with writing on it, a Line from the first Die Hard movie, with Bruce Willis.

As a condition of Claire coming with me, I said she had to wear it.

I hadn’t anticipated her being berated by a middle class dad, and told off by an Old Vic steward as well.

It was kind of funny though… at least for me!

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