In trouble again?

You know I had a frontal lobe injury in my accident. That means that I’m almost certainly less inhibited than before. I’ve often no idea that things I say that I think are constructive or helpful ( and definitely not rude ) can apparently wind up ( some ) sensitive people.

Nobody complained before my injury about me, so if I’ve always been rude then why did people accept it before? And if you put up with it before, but don’t now, then what has changed? Either you have, or it’s something about being offended by a chap in a wheelchair presumably ( which obviously is very discriminatory ).

I’ve just been ‘ threatened ‘ with banning from the local residents Facebook group! My crime this time? Someone that I actually know posted that they ‘ needed ‘ a cleaner. Various people piped up with suggestions, ranging from £12-15 per hour ( blimey that’s good pay for doing something as easy as hoovering! ) As I do all the cleaning that I’m able to myself ( yes, there’s a fair bit that I simply cannot do ) I wrote ‘ you could always just do your own cleaning?’ As the person isn’t in any way physically disabled, and isn’t that well off either, I considered that a logical suggestion.

The reaction? ‘ you’ll have to be removed from the group if you make ‘ nasty’ comments ‘.

Nasty? Really? If I’d added ‘ you lazy slut’ or something, then yes, that would have been ‘ nasty’ but saying someone can do something themselves surely can’t even be unpleasant, rather it’s surely ‘ empowering ‘ or something?

I get regularly bewildered by the reactions of people, since my injury. I didn’t so regularly before, so I guess my thought process has been altered by my bang on my head. That’s logical, isn’t it?

The lady banning me is called Philippa. She has actually been reasonably helpful to me here and there before now, but I don’t think she will be in future? As I actually belong to the Residents Committee, and so does she, it might be a bit uncomfortable ( for her at least ) in future, in the meetings?

I think she may be causing more problems for herself than she is solving? Oh well, never mind, I’ll keep smiling.

And if anyone wants a cleaning job for £15 an hour ( that’s double the minimum wage of most that work in shops and in hotels etc ) then please get in touch and I’ll pass it onto the people round here who have too much money / are far too busy doing yoga or something, to run their own hoover round.

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