In more detail.

So Stella comes out of my apartment to the lift, and sees a young man with a woman on his back ( like a monkey ) who is screaming ‘ he’s Isis, somebody search his bag!’  The woman is clawing  at the terrified man’s neck, and blood is running down to his shirt. The woman’s partner ( male, with bad toupee ) is just standing and watching.  Stella opts to not get involved, and jumps into the lift.  She self justifies this by assuming ( bizarrely ) that the young man has been caught in bed with the shouty woman,  by the Toupee Man….?! Well obviously all that would make perfect sense, right? I mean, what other plausible explanation could there possibly be, her being so pulchritudinous n all…

Once Stella is  at  the Ground Floor and out of the lift, the blood covered young bloke appears, having fled downstairs via the fire escape.  He is shouting ‘ this is a Mad House !’  Stella then asks him what how he knows the ‘lady’… He says he doesn’t / he just came into the building to change a lock… (evidenced by his Locksmith hold-all ) but that there’s no way he’s going back upstairs to ask for the money ( as evidenced by the PDQ credit card machine he’s clinging to ) as he’s getting out as fast as he can, to call his office….

As he’s legging it out, I arrive, and Stella helps me in. I know nothing of what went before, but Stella looks startled, for sure. At that point Toupee Man appears and launches into his partner’s drinking problem/ history.  I listen and nod politely, not connecting the fleeing blood covered man with his alcoholic partner….at all. I mean, why should I ?

I blame the landlady for not checking their previous tenant history, but hey, it’s nothing to do with me…  but I do wonder why they are changing the locks of a flat that they don’t actually own…?


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