If you think you had a bad day..

… then think again.
My day: T minus 7 ( 7 days til 3 years )

Woke up, having pissed myself.

1 hour ‘in the bathroom ‘ – really not pleasant.
Pissed myself.

Transfer to wheelchair
Transfer to shower bench
Pissed myself
Shower again

Gave up on idea of going to work.

Transfer to wheelchair
Tea and fruit drink

Transfer onto bed, with shorts and pants and trainers that I’d put there
Got clothes on.

Transfer onto wheelchair.

Helped by Dani and using a rope device strapped to a girder, transfer onto Trike

1.30 Met my one time student, Arti and had a coffee ( good to see her )

Wheeled to a local park, having realised I’d pissed myself.
Catheterised ( too late )

4 pm Pushed 5 miles along the A316 to meet Pia for a cup of tea.
5.30 pm Pissed myself.
Catheterised ( too late )

Pushed 5 miles back
7.30 pm Pissed myself
Catheterised ( too late )

Transfer from Trike to wheelchair using rope ( and Dani )

Shower ( again ) to clean myself up ..

If you think that the 10 miles pushing the chair was the hard part of today, then think again. That bit was easy.

1 thought on “If you think you had a bad day..

  1. you really should go on the Holland trip, without you the rest of the boys will question the value of it. I’m sure that when you are in their company it will cheer you up no end. Being with old friends never loses its appeal and may be some good will ensue from it.
    Love Dad

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