If you read the previous post first, this makes more sense ..:)


I spent most of Tuesday hunched over a massive bar heater reading your blog, barking at a group of Albanians and Poles in a language and accent they don’t really understand. No real change then, although the heater is new..

I’ve spent literally hours looking blankly at the bloody laptop trying to figure out what to write. I’m no further forward so I’m just going to wing it.

Plainly you are going through my greatest fear. I am gutted for you and your family.


I know you will all be ok. You have always struck me as a stupidly inspirational guy. (the word order is correct) The love and support you have generated evidenced by your blog alone confirms this. Somehow I reckon that you will now continue to inspire people on an acutely different level. And I am one of them.

Being a builder it’s not often that one comes across stories of “hardness” that don’t involve nail guns and/or tile adhesive – don’t ask. Until one dark winter night in early December 2007…..when my guys called me outside at Riverview Grove at about 7pm, I was expecting some neighbour’s car to be wearing 1/2 tonne of “misplaced” drywall. I really did not expect to see some nutter in cycle pants (sporting the customary racing kayak over the shoulder) passing by post paddle, wet with bare feet.


After that no one moaned about much at all.


It still makes me laugh every time I put on my thermals in the winter.

All that aside, I need new glasses. Get back to work. Please. 

And, if I can help in any way please just ask.


All the best mate


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