I’d scribbled a speech, in case I was asked to say something.

I wasn’t asked,but here it is:

It’s just an outline, I thought I’d be able to adlib a bit ….

When I walked out of my house on a sunny day in June 2013, little did I know that within 36 hours…
My world and that of my family would be changed for ever. My near death, my truly terrible injuries, my heart attack in surgery, my coma, my loved ones being prepared for the worst. The tears shed by my family and friends.

Then my body’s fight back from the brink.

SCI takes you out of your comfort zone every minute of every day… In ways unimaginable to a young’ish , healthy person
Not being able to walk is just a little part of it.
Feeling nothing below my tummy button, having little sensation below my shoulders on my back, other than pain, having no control of toilet related functions – that’s crap – literally.
Not being able to sit up in bed, or to straighten my back, to feel a hand on my leg, a sofa beneath my bum, a warm shower. The list of little things I miss is endless.

The charity that was set up in the aftermath of my accident has been supported by people taking themselves out of their comfort zones
The Hogarth 24 hour spinsthon.
My brother, Stuart’s s naked press up world record
The park club boxers in March
Terry Rodhams ironman, and worse, not drinking for 9 MOHTHS!
The Team wdf canoeists
Mike Smith’s desert ultra marathon
Dans self flagellation every day before breakfast
Casey’s fun run, numerous half marathons by lovely people.
And now the strictly dancers. Frankly I can’t imagine a lot worse than dancing in front of judges and a 1000 ppl.

You were all incredible tonight, especially my wife, given her genetic disadvantage towards coordination.

You should all be, and I’m sure are, very proud of yourselves.

The money raised will go to people needing sports kit and financial support to get them out of the despair of SCI and active once more, as well as to my own attempts to volunteer to partake in trials for SCI research and ultimately I hope a cure.

Thank you so much to Saskia and the Park Club crew for making this happen.
It’s taken a shit load of effort and time.

I hope, like me, that you think it was worth it.

Thank you all so much for coming.

And happy Christmas.

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