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Funny Russ story

Since I’ve been cited as a partial instigator of recounting funny stories involving Russ, I feel it’s only right that I submit something about one of my many funny memories.

Russ is funny most of the time and makes me laugh like no one else I know. I love spending time with him for this reason.

It was on my wedding day – 22 years ago – there’s more than one funny story about this day – but for me the funniest moment was when Russ, unbeknown to anyone, switched some of the wedding guests copies of the Hymn sheets, with his own version of the Hymns that Charlie and I had carefully and meaningfully chosen for our wedding service. Imagine my shock horror when it came to belting out the words to Jerusalem to find some really quite disgusting words in place of the puritanical biblical words.

I remember turning back towards the congregation behind me, as I stood at the altar trying hard to look like a demure bride, and my eyes met with the big beaming face of Russ Dawkins looking very chuffed with himself!! I have never tried so hard in my life to suppress my uncontrollable giggles as the tears streamed down my face! The Vicar & Charlie’s family had no idea, luckily, about what was going on as only some of the congregation had the Russ Dawkins version of the Hymn sheets!

I’m wondering if you still have a copy of the Hymn sheet Russ?

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