I want to thank…

Shepherd’s pie made by Debs and Neal tonight. Wow, how tasty was that?!

Plus their brilliant company too. 

Mad Nicola came and made me laugh for 2 hours, as did Larry and Sarah last night ( plus bringing a curry take out and red wine ). 
On Sunday, Alex ( Pia’s bro ) came to spend a couple of hours with me. Given he only had a few days in the UK from S Africa, I was chuffed to bits that he use a chunk of his free time to see me, as well as bringing Dan and Pia’s daughter, Holly    
Also I saw Al and Wendy, Sam and Billy and Roy and Caroline. Great of them all to visit, tho still fresh from my wheelchair crash I think I was pretty bad company!
Still managed to thrash Saskia at Blokus tho 😉
Blokus: wanna buy a great board game that makes you think? It’s the one. 
Lily and Amber are masters at it; be warned if u come round our house! 
Whilst sat on the bog today I talked to Dan, plus had a great chat with Bev earlier. 
I managed a gym session, leg bike, goal planning meeting plus 10 hill rep’s outside in the chair. I’m definitely getting faster thro being stronger. Everyone says my arms now look just like they did before… Not sure about that, but def on the way!
I noticed after the exhaustion of the hill rep’s that I felt really happy. See, that’s what I’m missing, endorphin release!
Before here, I’d start every day either on my paddle machine in the garden or on the river in my boat, or on my bike to work. That’s why I was never unhappy, I had my daily fix early nearly every day. 
There you go folks, my secret happiness formula revealed…. Yours if you want it!
Looking forward to tomorrow’s self induced pain then pleasure dose already. 

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