I told you / myself, didn’t I ?

In keeping with my own prediction, my life did get ( or maybe just seem ) better today.

I slept ok,  and I woke up in less pain, have been in less pain all day, and I saw some great people that made the time to call in/ come out with me/ escort me back to the hospital.  Also there were about a zillion staff visiting me in my room, compared to just the two very ineffective ones on the weekend.

Thanks, In no particular order, to JuJu, Marky P and Dan, and to the many messages that I had . Thanks to Lea, too.

Thanks to Sara, the physio, who saw me when I was here, in 2013, a skinny and broken road accident victim who couldn’t speak, make much sense, or pick up anything with his right hand. Sara would agree that I’ve come a long way since then.

Thanks to my 2 daughters for their messages ( and advice ). I’ve nicknamed Amber WOU – Wise One of the Universe… who’d have thought a 13 year old could know sooo much about, well, everything really…?

You are never too old to listen, I say…..


I’m writing this as I’m being nebulised ( sounds like something from Dr Who ) – to ease my wheezing chest. It’s far too impossible to sleep with the gas mask affair on my face …


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