I think it’s legal ?

Did 20mph for a couple of miles in the bus lane today.. of a fairly busy road.

Unlike being a cyclist, drivers are not abusive, and appeared to slow down when passing me?!

I think it’s the novelty value of seeing a wheelchair speeding through London…

After a bit, I noticed there seemed to be something following me, at a bit of a distance behind. As I can’t properly look behind me ( can’t twist my torso, and I’m not an owl, and don’t have a mirror yet ) I didn’t realise the obvious – that it was a bloody great bus.. for a while!

The driver didn’t even give me a hard time..

Maybe it’s the new world order, in the bus lane?


Massive happy birthday to Pia, for tomorrow.

Have the best time!


2 thoughts on “I think it’s legal ?

  1. You’re braver than me…. haven’t yet taken my tririder out of 2nd gear! Stay safe….! here’s to a better 2017 for you Russ xx

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