I have a friend who is paralysed. This person does tell it like it is. This is his/her message to me.

Yeah, so it sounds. All that “celebrate… still alive!” malarkey lost on me, tho I appreciate the sentiments for those who feel that way. Unlike you, I fake it, so credit to you for honesty!

I hate this injury. Resent those that squander good health/luck so mindlessly. And miss Me. That’s the bottom line, I so miss my life…. and the whole “disability is all about attitude” bollocks pisses me off. It’s shit. The anniversary is like rubbing one’s own face in said shit but feeling powerless to stop it.
I hope you get past it. Sometimes I read your blog and think maybe, just maybe, you can. And will. I really wish that for you. Fuck, back in YOLO ( You Only Live Once ) Land 🤣
But seriously, I reckon you might just pull it off!

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