I got an email from my Physio that I met here 3 yrs ago.

Hi Russ,
Firstly, it would be lovely to meet up with you again. Let’s do it!

You’re so much more of an example to many than you can imagine, believe me. I can’t begin to imagine how the last 3 years have been for you, if only to speculate how the world must appear in your eyes. Working with you first time around left me with deep impressions, not only from a traumatic perspective but also from your incredible resilience.

When you told ********** and I that you’d considered suicide, I felt shocked but then I had to stop myself and really understand what you’d been through. I can only reassure you and comprehend these feelings as somewhat ‘normal’ throughout the course of your recovery; unacceptable in the grand scheme of things but ‘normal’ as a reaction to a major life event. People really don’t know their own strength until life really tests them in one way or another..and to me this may define life more than for those who have never suffered any form of hardship. I’m not trying to play down anything but, in answer to your comment about remembering you, your amazing strength to move forward was impressionable to say the least. And it shows to this day, especially having seen you on ITU straight after your op and the subsequent days following.

I will keep an eye on your blog; I’d like to see how you’re doing. I also wish you all the best for your second op tomorrow. I’ll be back in London from 12th sept, in any case let’s arrange something..I’ll get ******* to come along too!

Stay strong as you are, Russ. Love to you and your family.

**** 🙂

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