I could get used to this….

Was absolutely the best feeling to feel Dani beside me in bed. . Can’t tell you what a difference that makes. 
Human contact’s a wonderful thing. 
Bad for her, but she’s also gotta insert my suppositories and deal with the ‘consequences’ too…:/!
The life of a wife of a paraplegic’s not all rock and roll. 
The good news is that before too long I’ll be able to do it all myself ( they assure me ), prob to Dani’s relief! 
My brother, Stu, is driving down from Wales today with Mandy and their son, Ben to spend the day here. I’m really looking forward to seeing them. Hopefully the weather will hold and we’ll have a beer down at a pub on the river. I think Dan may join us too. 
Party on!
For now, I’ll lie here in the kitchen bed and luxuriate in just being at home. 

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