I can’t believe it.

I’m almost tearful at the overwhelming amount of blogging, emails, texts and cards that I’ve had by 8.30 am.
Shouldn’t you all be asleep!

The outpouring of love is almost matched by the outpouring of crap that I’m managing to cough up myself  today.
Nice, right? You didn’t really need to picture that…. But for ME, it’s a big deal believe me! 🙂

All of your messages are funny/imaginative/ thoughtful and I pictured in my head everyone writing them.
Never in my most optimistic dreams would I have thought that so many people would give me their valueable time ( especially since most of you are probably hungover )

Today has started well and is going to get even better.

Life is good.


2 thoughts on “I can’t believe it.

  1. Hey Russ,

    I guess you don’t need me to to tell you that you’re dead lucky to be having a birthday, so make it a good one. I’m sure you will, and I’m sure it will be.

    See you soon, and all the very best,

    Tom (as in Carol & Tom…)

  2. Happy birthday Russ, I hope you have a fantastic day.

    I’m sure you know it’s the 4×100 m final today in Moscow, brings back memories of when we were running for the school at the County sports in Cwmbran……..my message to you today is the same as then “go Russ GO!”

    I’ll raise a glass to you later in anticipation of your continued progress and your 49th birthday.

    Big cwtches from Robert Harry and family

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