As expected, not my pursuit of choice. 

Far from being a relaxing source of therapy and weightless, it was 30 minutes of near drowning. 
My lack of buoyancy has not diminished, in fact my legs now dragging down,  adds to it. 
How on earth I’m expected to swim is laughably unlikely. Lurking at the bottom of the pool however, holding my breath, is possible. 
With my lung capacity, I’m sure I could manage a massive ten seconds. 
My lovely neighbour, Neelam ,  who is also my dentist, came to view my front tooth today. It came a cropper either in my crash or in the aftermath, what with various life saving tubes shoved into my mouth. She took pictures etc and will make me a new one, to be fitted in due course.. Great home visit service!
Thanks, Neelam. X
Dinner tonight was cooked by wonder cook Sophia Teasdale – hand delivered this afternoon! ‘7 hour slow cooked lamb’  it’s called. It certainly smells absolutely delicious. 
Thanks Sophia. Top Welsh girl, see. 

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