How to make a guy feel better. Part 1.

My God, I’ve had some positivity flow my way since my admittedly depressing post. 

Thank you all for the phone calls ( Monique, Dani and Rob ) and the supportive texts and emails… John Barden , Alwyn,  Roy and Caroline, Pia, Pat Huggins, Sian.. to name but a few. 
Scott and Ina came tonight from my work place.
 I am their boss. 
When your ‘staff’ travel hours to see you,  it tells you something.. That you must be ok as a boss?
Alice and Irinder came with them. They are former employees and now friends . 
As an employer, I’ve always tried to break down the barrier between ‘ boss ‘ and ‘staff ‘. For years I’ve felt that you really don’t need to be an authoritarian to have authority. 
You can engender respect through being an example. That doesn’t mean through being there for 12 hours a day, but by being decent, approachable, respectful, and in my own case through being a laugh ( I hope ). 
The formula seems to have worked anyway. 
You’d have to ask the ladies and gentlemen that work for me to confirm I’m not talking thro’ my arse, but I’m pretty sure I speak the truth. 
Tonight I missed our annual family Haloween trip to Tulleys Farm in Sussex. 
You’re supposed to be at least 14 to go, as the ‘rides’ are scary (but my girls are dead brave). 
I was really upset to miss it. 
Next year I’ll have an off road chair so I’ll be there again girls, ok, I promise you. 
At 4 am tomorrow morning the indomitable Dan White begins his next ultra run, for my charity. 
It’s a mere 68 miles of French mountain with 4800m of climbing. 
That’s like running from London, to Brighton and the running up Mont Blanc ( europe’s highest peak ), twice. 
Is the site address. 
Is there no stopping this man?
Good luck buddy.
A lot of people are with you in spirit. 
Russ xx

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