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I have just come back from seeing Russ and he has asked me to test the ‘add a comment’ bit of the blog (what he really means is that if I can manage it, anyone can). Russ is very keen to receive comments however short they are. (Really quickly – all you have to do is create a googlemail account by accessing googlemail, set up a google account, takes 5 mins, and you’re done). I was on my way to see Russ last night but did a u turn as he was exhausted, he then texted me with – could I pop over and see him at 8.30am today! Obviously I went not knowing if he taking the piss, turns out he wasn’t and wakes up around 7am – so early visitors are good (having said that it does stipulate 10am when you get there!). Russ was looking bloody amazing and it was beyond f**king brilliant to see the progress he’s made since we saw him last in Toulon (something he omitted from his blog when going through the people who had visited him!)- on this occasion I am willing to forgive him as the obvious on 

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  1. Russ, how on earth did you manage to- not only move my ‘add a comment’ to the main blog bit but then manage to edit the last bit so it makes no sense what so ever?!
    Having said that it makes perfect sense to a person specialising in Swenglish.

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