How about that.

As I now have an expectation that things will generally go wrong for me, whatever I think in advance, it was no surprise to me that once I’d gone up in the cable car to meet my instructor,  I started to feel cold, followed by full on shivering, with little chance of warming up ( given I can’t exactly jump up and down when strapped into a fibreglass casket, outdoors in a snow storm )

Lifted out of the sitski again, and stuck back in my chair,  with 3 more coats and hot tea, it was about an hour before I felt sufficiently ok to go outdoors again.  The snow was still coming down and I gave myself about half an hour before I was frozen again.

So imagine my surprise when 3 hours later I still hadn’t even fallen over ( other than 10 feet off a chair lift ) and seemed to be in control of my ski rig to a large degree.

The soft snow gave me grip through my arm poles that I haven’t had before and made turning ( how you limit speed and control direction ) actually quite easy ( compared to previous sitski forays anyway ).

At this rate this trip could turn out a success?!


Thanks as always to Dan, to his building crew here, and to Kev Young for making this stuff possible.

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