Hopefully that’s the last of it?

My experience with private health care in this particular hospital continue to trouble me… after not eating anything for 36 hours, I was told that I’d done that a day early, and needed to do it again.  Poor communication, I feel…

As post crash, I don’t ever feel hungry ( or not very, anyway ) not eating doesn’t bother me particularly, but that’s not the point.

Today they got me into bed and gave me  2 drinks of crazily strong laxatives. If you’re able bodied, then I think you spend the next few hours running to the bog to pebbledash the porcelain.  If you can’t actually move at all, then it’s a touch more messy than that is…particularly when the nurses have all disappeared, and don’t come when you press the call button .

Never have I been more grateful for the help of one person in all my life. Pia dealt with the absolute carnage no less than NINE times. At one point ( not knowing what is actually going on behind me ) I asked if it was like a mudslide? She said ‘ not quite ‘.  Two cleans later she was saying in a panicked voice ‘ f*** me Russ, it’s like a tsunami! ‘

Later on, during clean up No.6 the staff nurse was  meekly handing Pia tissues, as Pia was avoiding getting covered in it by jumping back regularly.

I don’t think the hospital was at all prepared for what happened, and looking back now it’s quite funny… but without Pia I’d have been seriously in the shit.


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