Home today.

My Bum’s been deemed fit to travel home.

What a relief. 
I was allowed 2 hours in the chair yesterday, 25 mins of that in the gym, the rest just taking it easy with my brother, Stu. We had a coffee, and were joined by my buddies from the Hogarth Club  ( Chaffs, Terry and Chris ). Then 2 work colleagues showed as well ( Bal and Jude ) so we had ourselves a bit of a party.. 
Actually yesterday 11 people came to see me. My folks, Jerry, Neal and Trudy came too. To say it was a full day would be understating it. 
Everyone says I’m looking a lot healthier, my face scars are fading, and my upper body is filling out. I do feel stronger physically, despite my 5 days enforced bed rest. 
I find pushing my chair hard work. I think it must be a combination of shite technique and limited flexibility in my shoulders. 
Lying on my recently broken right shoulder is proving very uncomfortable. 
I think the rotator cuff is playing up too ( a common shoulder condition ) , so ill need to work on that in the gym. Rest’s not the cure with that one. 
I’m allowed 4 hours in the chair per day over the weekend, so lots of time lying in bed ( but at home, in our own bed – big difference, awaits ) , so not a crazy weekend forecast…. 
I’ve gotta build in ‘arse pressure relief strategies’ into my day, changing positions in the chair, lifting myself up regularly etc, to prevent a repeat sore. 
I’ve learnt the hard way that forgetting to do this stuff just leads to tissue death…
I’ve woken really early these last 2 days ( it’s 6 am now ) because lying on my side just makes me ache such a lot. Being up and about more again should hopefully help my sleeping ( cos I definitely need it ) 
Stu videoed me in the gym yesterday. I had a quick look and wondered who the skinny looking lad was… Thankfully the weight loss hasn’t made me look 20 yrs older. Cos I used to spend so much time training outdoors, on the river etc, and therefore looked permanently weathered ( but now I stay indoors )  it’s even posible ( according to Dani ) that I look younger?
She could just be trying to make me feel better though..
I think around a hundred people have committed to the party on October 18th. 
That brings a tear to my eye. 
How am I gonna be able to talk to everyone? 
I might need a couple of wheelchair body doubles, with slight Welsh accents. 
Any volunteers ?
My brother Stu is promising to do ‘the 115 press ups challenge ‘ whilst pissed. 
Details on the night, but if you think you can beat him on the night, get training 😉

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