High Roller (wheelchair pun ).

And armed with that bit of positivity, I do head to Las Vegas on Saturday to meet Rob, and Monique on Sunday ( after her 100 mile, 30 hour desert run ).

She’ll be all blistered, will be with her dear mum, I’ll be in a wheelchair and Rob… Well, he’s from Hayling Island…

It’s a weirder Combi than in The Hangover, but hey, don’t count us out just yet.

Massive thanks to my ever thoughtful Bro, Alwyn, for his help with arranging an appropriate room, and to the people at Caeser’s Palace for their flexibility and assistance.


2 thoughts on “High Roller (wheelchair pun ).

  1. Good luck in Vegas Russ, remember the 15 rule in black jack, and don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. Also remember, if you find an unusually high number of random attractive women talking to you and being particularly friendly, it may not just be your good looks they’re interested in. Take care bro, lucky number 7!

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